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Make Money Traveling
  • 26.04.2017

    You want to make money while traveling? Great! Check out our MyFlemo Process. With a few clicks you can register as a courier and register your upcoming flights. Perform just a few aditional tasks at the airport and make money while traveling.




  • 01.02.2017

    MyFlemo is revolutionizing international express deliveries and the On Board Courier (OBC) service. We match flight passengers and urgent shipment requests of established companies. We offer a revolutionary service - with the same speed and reliability as the traditional OBC service, at a lower price. Each day, hundreds of On Board Couriers are paid to fly time-critical shipments around the world. 






You are responsible, reliable and dynamic? You would like to earn up to 500€ for taking an OBC shipment on your next flight?

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Our Mission

A secure process is our top priority. FLEMO only works with reliable couriers and trusted clients/ partners.

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You want to benefit from the advantages of the OBC service – with high-end performance, but for a more economic price?

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How it works

  • Register your flight in a few simple steps on MyFlemo.com. You can conveniently find your flight with the flight number. It only takes 1 minute!
  • Match! A shipment needs to be transported on your flight. We notify you and send you all information about the shipment. Now you get to decide if you want to accept the assignment.
  • Simply pick up the shipment at the airport and perform a few simple steps. Depending on the shipment you can carry it with your hand luggage or check it in. 
  • Now enjoy your flight and earn money while traveling. You can use the time to think about all the nice things you can spend your extra money on.
  • At your destination airport an agent will wait for you and take over the shipment. This is already the last step, thank you for being part of the MyFlemo experience.
  • Now the best part. Your money will be transferred within three business days with the payment method of your choice.
  up to 3 x
faster than air cargo
  100 k+
flights per day
  ~ 75 %
cheaper OBC service

MyFlemo Stories

  • Martin Hart. Shenzhen
    Logistics Purchasing Leader

    "When the machine in Shenzhen stopped working, it all had to go very quickly. MyFlemo helped us to deliver the required spare part from FRA to PVG in only 17 hours. We were very satisfied and saved lots of money compared to our previous partners."

  • Suzanne Somers. Cape Town

    "MyFlemo helps me to save cost on my flights to castings all over the world. Travelling and waiting times at the airport become more fun for me and the packages are really easy to transport."

  • Tim Baumann. Munich
    Student of teaching

    "Thanks to working as a Flemo courier I could afford a diving class on my trip to the Philippines. The process itself was very simple and I could do it without spending any more time than usually at the airport."

  • Ying Liu. Beijing
    Financial Services

    "On my last flight to Frankfurt, I could reduce the flight expenses by 80% with MyFlemo. The shipment contained plastic components of a leading automotive supplier. I actually feel proud to have helped finishing the prototype in time"