Our Mission And Quality Standard

Our Mission

We want to revolutionize international express logistics. On Board Courier services have delivered time-critical goods worldwide for decades. To achieve the required speed, couriers fly with regular airlines and transport the time-critical shipment with their checked luggage.

Customs clearance is speeded up for passengers, leading to the reduction in the process time compared to conventional logistic services. Traditionally, this time advantage comes with a price. Not just the courier and eventual fees for excess baggage lead to costs, but also the round trip for the courier.

Millions of passengers fly around the globe every day. Our mission is to bring these travelers and On Board Courier services together. Customers can greatly reduce their delivery costs, while they still benefit from the advantages of an On Board Courier service (learn more here). At the same time travelers can recover a part of their travel expenses by transporting goods with their checked luggage (learn more here).

Benefit from the speed of an On-Board Courier service. 300% faster than regular express services.

Reduce delivery cost as a customer and recover your travel expenses working as a FLEMO courier.

Benefit from our support and quality assurance throughout the entire process


How Do We Assure Quality?

Our FLEMO couriers are accompanied by our excellent support team over the entire process. All required customs papers are prepared in advance. The tasks of a FLEMO courier are reduced and simplified as much as possible, to reduce any sources of error.

To assure a traveler's potential to become a FLEMO courier, they must meet strict criteria. Our couriers are evaluated every time, before we assign a delivery and entrust the shipment to them. Quality and reliability are in our first interest.

We built and continuously improve our service to prevent any inconveniences for our customers and couriers.