Who is an On-Board Courier?

FLEMO On-Board Couriers (OBCs) transport time-critical & valuable goods on board of commercial flights all around the world.

  • You are reliable, flexible and speak English on a good level?
  • You are about to take a flight for holidays or a business trip?
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Manufacturing companies are regularly facing sitiations, in which time is money - for example a spare part needs to reach another continent as soon as possible. This is a situation, where you come into play - as our FLEMO On-Board Courier, taking a shipment on your flight. Being a FLMO courier is actually pretty easy, as our support team plans and manages the entire process and is there for you. In fact, what you need to do is to perform a few simple additional tasks at the airport. All tasks can be done during waiting times of the common process of traveling with an airplane. You don’t have to fear much longer attendance at the airport, nor lifting or transporting any heavy packages during an assignment. You will receive the shipment at the airport and transport it with your hand luggage or check it in with your personal luggage. After enjoying your flight you simply hand over the shipment at the destination airport and will receive your payment within 3 working days. In some cases, a small intermediate step is required for customs clearance. Since everything is prepared in advanced by MyFlemo, no long waiting time is to be expected.

Our excellent Support is available to you the entire time and will help you with any issues you might face. We created our process to keep all tasks as simple and least time consuming to you as possible. Don’t hesitate, register your flight now and become a FLEMO Courier!

Register your flight on MyFlemo.com in a few Steps

Perform just a few and simple additional tasks at the airport

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On Board Couriers transport time critical goods all over the world. They travel on board of commercial flights as regular passengers. Customs clearance is speeded up for passenger luggage creating the advantage over regular air cargo services.

Shortened delivery time makes on board services especially relevant in logistic emergencies. These emergencies can occur in situations where spare parts are needed to repair a grounded aircraft, reduce downtime of a broken production line or replace important medical systems. In other cases documents or contracts need to be delivered as fast as possible. Every second counts to prevent major cost.

Our customers are established and well-known companies. We carefully review every company applying to become a MyFlemo partner and we only work with established and trusted organizations. Our couriers always know exactly what they transport and for what company. FLEMO couriers can reject any shipment based on that information before any assignment.

Register your flight now without any liabilities. Once we find a shipment on your flight, we will inform you and you get to decide if you want to take the Job.