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How do I know when a job gets assigned to me?

MyFlemo will contact you on your phone/social messenger. Please make sure you are available. If you cannot be reached, we cannot assign a shipment to you.

What if I cannot take the flight?

If no job has been assigned yet, simply delete the flight from your dashboard using the basket icon. If you already accepted a shipment and it got assigned to your flight, notify the MyFlemo support team immediately. If you don’t notify us in a timely manner, we can’t assign the shipment to someone else. In this case penalty payments can occur.

Do I need to accept every job?

No. Whenever we find a shipment on your flight, we will contact you and provide you with all the information about the shipment. Now you get to decide, if you want to decline or to accept the assignment.

Is this safe?

YES! Only established and trusted organizations can apply to be FLEMO partners. Before a partner can submit a shipment request, we screen the organization and contract them to us. We know exactly what is being sent and by whom. If the content of a shipment is declared wrong, the sender will be liable – not our courier.

What if the shipment exceeds a size which can be handled by 1 person?

When adding a request, you specify the shipment details. Our experts then decide whether this shipment can be handled by one courier alone – or if he/ she possibly needs ground-support at the origin or destination airport. This depends on the individual shipment. A possible extra cost will be considered in the quotation which we provide to you.

What happens if the shipment is delayed?

FLEMO is not liable for delays caused by force majeure (strike, bad weather, etc.). In case of such event, the FLEMO staff will do everything to rearrange the shipment and deliver it as soon as possible.

What if there is no courier available for my requested shipment?

If we can't find a MyFlemo courier, we offer you a regular on-board courier service. This means that a dedicated courier handles the shipment. We offer this service in cooperation with our OBC partner company. The traditional on-board courier service is usually pricier than our FLEMO courier service.

What can I ship with FLEMO?

Shipments must be less than 32 kg, measuring no more than 120x20x20 cm or 70x50x50 cm. Usually mechanical spare parts, prototypes, documents or other valuable/ urgent goods are shipped with MyFlemo. We reserve the right to not accept any particular items in an assignment that are banned under the IATA and ICAO regulations (available upon request from FLEMO), or for any other legal or safety reasons.

How do I register as a courier?

Simply click on the register button on the top right. You can register with some basic information. You can also register with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Verify your email address and you can start using the MyFlemo portal to submit your flights. Please complete all your information in your profile - this will help us to assign a shipment to you.

How do I register as a partner?

Please contact us

Potential costs for excess baggage are covered by MyFlemo. You will need to pay the fee at the airport, but the amount will be covered with your payment.
Shipments can vary in size. Some packages are small and can be carried in your hand luggage. Others can be bigger and need to be checked in. The maximum sizes for passenger baggage apply: a+b+c < 170cm and max 32kg. Don’t worry – you won’t need to lift or carry any heavy packages.
Please register/log in and use the MyFlemo portal. You can submit your flights in just a few seconds. You can add them with the flight number or do it manually, if you don't have the flight number on you at the time.
FLEMO’s core service is airport-to-airport delivery. However, many of our clients require a door-to-door solution. In case that you need the latter, you can simply add your request as usual, but add a note that you require a door-to-door service. The assignment will then be handled by one of our OBC-partners, for the best possible price. You may also contact the FLEMO staff directly.
By accepting our Terms and Conditions and as part of the contract, the partner is required to know about the content of the shipment and to provide 100% accurate information. The same accurate information needs to appear on the customs documents. Any violation of this rule may result in legal consequences for the partner.