Profit from the FLEMO Courier Service

Our clients are those with the highest standards of speed and process quality.

Convincing numbers:

The On Board Courier service enabled by MyFlemo provides the fastest way of international transportation. Our customers profit from a secure and reliable process, at the cost of 25% of traditional On Board Courier services. Our service helps your business to stay flexible – even in time-critical situations.

MyFlemo creates this cost advantage by using the free luggage space of regular flight travelers. We assign shipments to carefully selected travelers – the FLEMO couriers. FLEMO couriers register their flights on our platform and offer their free luggage space. Using this process, MyFlemo saves major expenses. MyFlemo is established by experts of the industry. We know the requirements of our clients and understand what it means to be an On Board Courier. Based on our knowhow, we offer a revolutionary service - with the same speed and reliability as the traditional On Board Courier services, at a lower price. Despite of reducing the cost, MyFlemo has one major focus: to ensure the very best process quality to our customers.

The timesaving of the On Board Courier service is especially significant on intercontinental routes. For example: Frankfurt to Sao Paolo, Paris to Chicago or Manila to Shanghai. Traditional express services take 48-72 hours on such routes and are barely flexible to deliver on weekends. On Board Courier services do not know such limits – shipments can be delivered on intercontinental routes within 16-30 hours (door-to-door).

MyFlemo delivers your shipment up to 3x faster than common express services

25% of the cost of traditional Handcarry services - with the same speed and reliability

Stay flexible and realize real business value, together with us.



Strong partnerships

The FLEMO service offers an airport-to-airport solution. Our customers organize the delivery to the origin airport and the pickup at the destination airport. MyFlemo will then take care of everything from airport-to-airport and guarantees excellent process quality.

Do you need a door-to-door solution? We cooperate with other logistic partners to enlarge our service. We will offer the best possible price when a door-to-door solution is needed. MyFlemo also cooperates with On Board Courier partners, to ensure our service when no free luggage space of our FLEMO couriers is available. Our service is always available to you. If there is no FLEMO courier available, we will offer you our service in cooperation with our partners at the common market rate.

What can be transported as an On Board Courier/ Handcarry shipment? The limitations for checked baggage are ruled by the airlines (a+b+c<=170cm; max. 32 kg). The maximum shipment size is 500 kg.



Reliable Couriers

The courier is the ‘heart’ of the On Board Courier process. MyFlemo applies the highest standards in the courier selection. Before a shipment is assigned to a FLEMO courier, we perform a detailed background check. We interview all couriers before any assignment. MyFlemo is using the same assessment process as other On Board Courier companies. We explicitly reserve the right to ban non-suitable users/couriers from using the platform immediately. We take liability for our couriers. If any circumstance might endanger a shipment, we have professional couriers in place to take over and ensure process quality.

Our FLEMO couriers are accompanied by our excellent support team over the entire process. All required custom papers are prepared in advance. The tasks during a delivery for a FLEMO courier are reduced and simplified as much as possible, to reduce any sources of error.

We built and continuously improve our service to prevent any inconveniences for our customers and couriers.